Wednesday, May 11, 2016

This America's For You

So, Budweiser wants to be American again.

Well ain't that nice.

Here's the problem. They sold their birthright back in 2008 to the Belgian conglomerate, InBev and in doing so turned in their United States passport.

Sure, it's still brewed in St. Louis and 11 other cities around the country, but no, just no.

You can't sell your soul, lay-off a third of your workforce, cut the quality of the ingredients, lie about your background, how you're made, who you're for, exaggerate about all the good things you do for this country then wrap yourself in the flag and expect to be taken seriously as a leader in America.

Just ask our republican nominee for president.

Oh wait...

Carry on.


  1. They forgot about the word "authenticity". I can just see the client/agency strategy sessions on this. Let's just take the ground on "patriotism" and call it our own. Smacks of desperation. Maybe you do it as a July 4th promotion....but not for months.

  2. Great perspective Harvey. While I don't think the political tie in is necessary I concur with the lameness of Bud's position.

  3. I thoroughly enjoyed the political slant!

  4. They should advertise with Belgian Draft Mules.

  5. As a guy who was raised in St Louis, when AB sold off to InBev, I was shocked and disappointed. AB is such an integral part of that city and other cities just like it across the US. Great perspective on AB now wrapping themselves in the flag, Harvey.