Monday, June 14, 2010

A swing and a miss

The newest effort from Wieden+Kennedy completely misses the whole point of what makes a Jeep, a Jeep.

It's not about being American. It's not about being American made. That kind of jingoistic bombast sounds good in the boardroom but falls on deaf ears in the marketplace. As one of my first creative directors used to say, "If you wrap yourself in the flag, they'll bury you at sea."

Jeep is about adventure, exploration and possibilities. It's about having the ability to go where no one else can, even if you never plan on leaving the confines of your cushy suburban life.

That's what makes this spot the best Jeep Commercial ever produced.

W+K's work for Nike and ESPN is terrific. It's some of the best on TV. But based on their work for Subaru years ago and now this effort for Jeep, they just don't get cars.

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