Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Is this Mercedes?

Mercedes Benz is debuting its new baby benz on the Super Bowl and like many advertisers it's teasing the spot and the car online so as many people as possible will look for the $3.5 million dollar investment on super Sunday.

Here's how Mercedes, the epitome of class chose to do it on their Facebook page and Youtube channel.

Okay, maybe it's just me but what does this have to do with the Mercedes Benz brand? How does this childish, made-you-look attempt at advertising do anything but cheapen their perception in my mind?

If that was their intent, then bravo, well done.

If this is parody, then it is not so well done.

I understand they are hoping to attract a younger buyer with this car, but please, soap bubbles and jiggling breasts? Are they targeting 13-year olds?

I'm not saying that Mercedes can't have fun or can't use sex to sell their cars, it's just that I expect their brand of fun and sex to be a little more... intelligent.

I would expect this junior high school effort from a brand like Kia. I'm disappointed to see it from Mercedes Benz.

Monday, January 21, 2013

Ford irons things out with Jeremy

This is the kind of stuff you can do when all your other marketing is clicking along fine. And since Ford's is, I was glad to see them take advantage of the opportunity created when Jeremy Irons compared Downton Abbey to the Ford Fiesta in Entertainment Weekly.

While many thought it was a slam of the BBC/PBS period drama, Ford used the opportunity to create a video aimed at Entertainment Weekly's readers, having a little fun and building a little equity with that audience.

It's not uproariously funny – about as funny as you'd expect something conceived and shot in 24 hours to be – but it does show the human side of Ford, poking a little fun at itself and the situation while managing to get in a few key product points.

The fact that Ford is confident enough to engage in this kind of online dialogue, says a lot about where they are as marketers. Their products continue to be strong. Their national advertising is getting the job done. So they can take advantage of these smaller opportunities to endear themselves with specific groups who might appreciate that Ford is listening and participating.

Well, played by Scott Monty and the Social Media Team at Ford.