Friday, May 25, 2012

When technology and marketing align

Earlier this week, Band-Aid introduced a new line of Muppet themed strips along with a companion iPhone/iPad App. There's nothing earth-shattering about that. A lot of marketers have Apps. Some are even worth using. But this one is just about perfect.

It uses augmented reality to bring the muppet on the Band-aid to life in your device and helps distract your child from the booboo he or she just received.

What I like most about this App (aside from the fact that it features the Muppets) is that it really delivers on the brand promise of "magical healing." It adds value to the experience. It also gives moms another reason to use Band-Aids for their kids over other options.

That's what good marketing is all about.

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

ABC pays tribute to Apple and fails

Marla Provencio, Chief Marketing Officer for ABC, calls her new promo for the show Duets an "homage." I'd call it something else, but this is a family blog...

It features lousy acting, terrible direction, unwatchable cinematography, inane music and a stolen idea. So it's just like everything else on ABC.

I have news for Ms. Provencio. This isn't an homage. It's not even a parody. It's just dumb.

The only good thing about it is, I now have an excuse to watch the original Apple 1984 spot one more time.

Monday, May 21, 2012

The simple art of branding

Branding is hard.


The strongest brands have a simple promise, a clear personality and a well defined purpose.

Too many marketers try to adapt the brand to every target and every situation. They use the fact that they have a broad audience, multiple products and services, or a diverse distribution system as an excuse for not having any discipline.

The trick is to use your brand to make your product relevant to each specific target and situation.

Your brand is the one thing that makes you different. It's what you are famous for. It's the lens through which everything you do must be viewed.

Walmart's brand is all about low prices. That doesn't mean they can't offer expensive items like 70" HDTVs. It just means they have to have the lowest price available on an 70" HDTV.

Porsche's brand is all about performance. That doesn't mean they can't build an SUV. It just means that they have to build the highest performance SUV on the market.

McDonald's brand is all about convenience. That doesn't mean they can't offer healthy options. It just means they have to offer healthy options in the most convenient way possible.

Don't let the complexity of the challenges you face, over-complicate your brand. In fact, when used correctly your brand will make your life simpler as your business grows.