Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Magic? Not everyday.

I'll start with an admission. I'm a Porschephile. Even though I don't own one, I love them. I have ever since I used to sneak my dad's bright orange 1968 911 Targa out of the garage when I was 15 years old. (I wonder why he sold it just weeks before my 16th birthday?)

So when I saw this new Porsche ad yesterday, I was surprised.

A porsche is a dream. A fantasy. And if I'm someday lucky enough to amass a small enough fortune to afford one I'd like it to be a fulfillment of that fantasy when I purchase it.

I don't care how 'practical' a Porsche is any more than I care whether or not Brooklyn Decker can balance a budget or make a perfect cup of coffee.

Aside from the fact that this spot is filled with falsehoods – Porsche's (even the all wheel drive versions) are lousy in snow, the back seat's a torture chamber for anyone over three feet tall, and the trunk can't hold 4 bags of groceries – the point of advertising is to create desire.

Let the salesperson remind people there's actually a trunk and a back seat.

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  1. Harvey-
    Something about great minds...I agree with you and even blogged about this disaster a couple of days ago: http://wp.me/pGyRI-t3