Friday, July 15, 2011

Nothing to everyone

The next time you're trying to justify a marketing program to your boss, try using this as an argument...

"These spots position our product as something that people will find they enjoy only on very, very rare occasions."

How do you think that will go over?

That appears to be how Heineken Light is being positioned in this spot.

I get it. Heineken Light isn't perfect for every occasion. (Actually for me it's probably not perfect for any occasion). But why would you compare your product to something that is basically relegated to the dustbin of history?

It almost seems as if they're insinuating this beer has no relevance today.

Rather than trying to say to everyone that there may be a time, however rare, when our product could possibly be something you might enjoy, Heineken should find a segment people for whom Heineken Light is perfect most of the time, and market it to them.


  1. This is an awful spot. Comparing it to classics like Miller Brewing series called "Miller High Life - Salad" this is pathetic.

  2. Exactly. High Life found a way to be everything to someone. It became something credible. A great tasting beer for the working man. And because the insight was so solid and the execution so strong, they revitalized a dying brand. This work will do nothing for Heineken.

  3. Come on Harvey, you'd look great sporting the handlebar! But I do agree, Heineken Light styled a spot and forgot what they are trying to do, sell beer to the masses.