Wednesday, August 3, 2011

A good question

And one I tackled before.

Ad Age asks, "What's wrong with Miller Lite?"

And while Miller/Coors' CEO blames the weather and the economy, I'd lay this one straight at the feet of DraftFCB. The work they're doing for the brand right now is not just bad. It's historically bad.

Let me get this straight. I don't drink Miller Lite, so I'm not a man. Here's a tip. Insulting the people you want to have drink your product is not a way to create a strong emotional bond.

Taste Greatness? That's all you got? Telling us how great your beer tastes isn't a great idea when we can very easily open a bottle and taste how average it is. Miller Lite isn't a bad beer. It just isn't my beer. At least in the old days "Tastes Great" was qualified by "Less Filling" which managed to make the claim more believable. But that's just a red herring. Taste isn't really even an issue in this category as is proven by the rising sales of Coors Light.

And finally, there isn't one spot in this campaign where the joke is even mildly funny. Who's writing these things, Jay Leno?

Miller can point to all the other factors: weather, the economy, sunspots, Oprah quitting, etc., but there's only one reason fewer and fewer people are drinking their beer...

They don't want to be associated with stupid.


  1. Regardless of what you think of the taste of MillerLite at least, "Tastes Great, Less Filling" was a position that marketing could draw from. Without a position the brand ends up with "Man Up" which wouldn't even be watched if weren't for a hottie or two added to the scenery.

  2. Agreed Rick. There was something there. And the executions were memorable. I still remember the spot about the "Easy opening can". These spots are just a waste of media dollars nobody remembers them 30 seconds after they're gone.

  3. ...and what about that fancy new miller lite feature... the "Vortex" Bottle that some how does something for year beer to somehow make it better...some how. Now that's a positioning to hang your hat on.