Friday, December 30, 2011

Inspired advertising

Yesterday, I revealed my favorite automotive spot of 2011. Today it's my favorite for any category from any country.

If you have three minutes, watch it and you'll see why. 

You don't have to love motorcycles like I do. You don't have to be getting old like I am. 

You just have to be a fan of great storytelling, great film making, and people who have the ability to take an inspirational story and connect it ever so subtly to the brand in question.

My hat's off the the crew at Ogilvy in Taiwan for this truly memorable gem.

Happy new year to one and all.


  1. I got my motorcycle when my children were in their teens. Being a single mom, I kept putting it off thinking I would wait until my kids were graduated and through college. But one summer at my boyfriends' (now my husband) family reunion and elderly aunt came up to me and said "I hear you want to get a motorcycle?"
    I said yes expecting the guilt trip that I had gotten from others like "You are a single mom and have responsibilities". But what she said changed everything. She said "if you want one, don't out it off! There are so many things I wanted to do and said Oh someday! Well let me tell you something, that someday may never come unless you make it happen. Growing old just sucks and all the things I said I would do and I didn't do and I am too old at age 83 to go back and do them. So if you want it don't wait." I took her advice and have been riding motorcycles for over 15 years and have 10s of thousands of miles that I would may have never seen or experienced if I hadn't taken her advice. I never saw her again and she is gone. So I want to say thank you to her and to anyone who follows their dreams.

  2. Thanks Annie, what a great and powerful story. I'm glad you followed your dream. I'm following mine now by starting my own company. Scary as hell, but nothing worth having comes easy. Ride safely!