Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Simply brilliant

When your target is literate and understands the concept of metaphor, you can do a lot more with your advertising.

Or as this ad demonstrates, less.

This insightfully concepted, beautifully illustrated ad for Corre Cutia Bookstore in Brazil captures the universal benefit of a great book in one simple visual. Just as important, it communicates why Corre Cutia is different from big box book and toy sellers.

From what I can gather of the google translation of their website, Corre Cutia was founded by psychologists who wanted to provide a fun and nurturing environment that also sold books and toys.

I hope they are successful, if only because it means we'll get to see more ads like this.

Thanks to Andy Wallman for the tip on this one. If you want to see a hi-rez image of the ad, go here.

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