Thursday, January 26, 2012

What's next

We interrupt our regular blogging for this commercial announcement.

Yesterday, I launched my new business, OBX Thinking.

It's a product development and communications consultancy that creates customized project teams by bringing exceptionally talented people together at just the right time based on a client's specific project needs.

Got it?

Four factors have come together to make this vision (which I've had for some time) possible now
  1. Near universal high-speed internet access 
  2. The rise of social networks
  3. A wealth of supremely talented people who have chosen, for one reason or another not to work at a traditional agency, design firm or corporate environment
  4. Clients who understand that no single resource is right for every single project
So for the first time in the history of this blog, I'm asking for something. 

If #3 describes you, get in touch with me. There's work to be done. 

If you're #4 and have a project that doesn't exactly fit within your existing resources or are looking for a different point of view, feel free get in touch with me. 

The OBX Thinking website – while a work in progress – has enough information on our philosophy and capabilities to get you started and has all of our contact information.

Thanks for your attention. We'll resume our regularly scheduled blog content tomorrow.