Friday, March 2, 2012

Fiat #Fail

It's official. 

Oliver Francois is no longer the marketing genius he proclaims himself to be. With this spot all credibility he had from approving the Eminem Super Bowl ad is well and truly gone. 

Somebody needs to acquaint Mr. Francois with the word strategy. 

First there was Fiat as icon. Then there was JLo. Then a hot babe, a dweeb and cup of cappuccino. And now Charlie Sheen.

If his goal was to be wildly inconsistent and incredibly irrelevant, he succeeded.

I get that the Abarth is supposed to represent the dark side of the cute li'l 500, but Charlie Sheen may be the single most unlikeable celebrity this side of Snooki. His smirking mug at the end of the spot doesn't make me want to buy a Fiat, it makes me – in the immortal words of Rick Santorum – want to throw up.

It's time for Chrysler/Fiat to put somebody in charge of marketing who doesn't think a drug-addled, self-absorbed d-lister is an appropriate spokesperson.

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