Friday, April 13, 2012

Nike runs circles around Asics

After yesterdays anti-viral ad, I thought I'd share one that actually works from Nike.

Why has Nike's video received almost two million views in just 4 days when Avia's will be lucky to break five digits ever? Here are a few thoughts.
  1. The Nike video doesn't look like an ad. Yes, it's clearly sponsored and there are logos throughout the film, but it doesn't resemble anything that would appear between sitcoms on CBS.
  2. It has a compelling story. The film makers had an approved concept. Rather than follow through on it, however, they took Nike's money and went around the world making a completely different video, living the promise of the product "Make it count."
  3. It fulfills a fantasy. Who hasn't dreamt of just getting on a plane and going wherever the mood strikes (bonus point to the crew for getting someone else to pay for it).
  4. It's inspirational. Between the quotations and the images, the film makes you want to get off your ass and do something.
  5. It's authentic. Unlike the staged scenes in the Avia clips, we see adventure unfold before us, just as the film makers did.
If you want people to talk about you, don't make rational arguments. Appeal to their emotion. Make them laugh. Make them cry. Make them say, "damn, I wish that were me." Then, maybe then they'll hit the share button and post your content on their blogs and Facebook timelines.

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