Friday, June 1, 2012

Truth in advertising is a funny thing

Great advertising, advertising that sells, advertising that sticks, advertising you don't mind watching over and over again, is based on a truth. It's based on some element of human behavior that actually occurs in the real world. That's why this spot for New Era works...

And this spot for Under Armor doesn't.

Aside from the fact that the writing is terrible and the acting isn't much better, nothing about this rings true. There's no authenticity in the situation, the people or their reactions. Nor is the "joke" connected in any way to the product being sold. It's just a bad Saturday Night Live skit that would have been cut in rehearsal.

In contrast, you can hear passionate (though not nearly so funny) conversations like the one Craig Robinson and Nick Offerman are having in sports bars all across the country.

Today's tip from Harvey's Academy of Advertising Arts:

If you want to write comedy that really sells: First find the truth, then find the funny.

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