Friday, July 6, 2012

Innovation: The wonder drug for business

The best innovations are like aspirin.

They take away the pain.

Everyone has stood in the shaving aisle looking at replacement blades for their razors and wondered, "Why do these things cost so f#@*ing much?"

Dollar Shave Club was smart enough to create a business model that took advantage of that particularly painful experience.

It used to be that if you wanted one cup of coffee, you had to either brew a full pot and throw out the rest or head over to Starbucks, learn a second language, stand in line and pay through the nose.

Then Keurig created the K-Cup and caffeine-aholics everywhere rejoiced.

Every man has gotten into an argument for not stopping to ask for directions when lost in the car.

Then Garmin made GPS technology available to the masses, saving marriages across the country.

Great innovation doesn't just solve a problem. It takes away pain.

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