Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Genius? I think not.

It seems the geniuses in Cupertino have finally figured it out and pulled the "genius" ads like this one...

The problem with these ads?

It's not that they feature an overly perky, self-described genius. It's not that they depict Apple customers as bumbling idiots. Both of which are cardinal sins.

The real problem is they completely undermine Apple's brand promise.

Since its earliest days, Apple has always been about taking computers out of the hands of geniuses and putting them in the hands of the people.

Until the people in Marketing at Apple realize that, they'll continue to make mistakes like this.

Hopefully this same blindness won't affect the people developing their products.


  1. Nicely put Harvey. You have to understand what your brand attributes are and stick to them. Still , Apple is a great product and I don't think this will put too many people off eh.

    1. Thanks. It's easy to get distracted as competitors introduce new products and consumers are always looking for the next shiny new thing, but when you own a position that's as strong as Apple's in a category where that position is incredibly relevant, straying off course can be deadly.