Thursday, January 10, 2013

Chevrolet charts a new course

In news that surprises absolutely no one, Chevrolet has a new tagline today.

Chevy Runs Deep, their previous slogan, always felt like more of a placeholder instead of the foundation for the communications. It never really drove the message and unified the campaign around a single thought, which is the whole point of a tagline.

So today Chevrolet debuts Find New Roads


There's a lot in those three words.

On the surface it says "Explore" harkening back to the brand's glory days of See the USA in your Chevrolet without tying it to a specific geography, thus making it appropriate for a global theme.

There does seem, however, to be other ways to interpret the theme depending on how it is executed.

Find New Roads encourages those who develop products for Chevrolet to look for new ways of doing things, thus setting the expectations for car buyers that Chevy will offer unique and innovative products.

Find New Roads exhorts those in the market for a new car, to look beyond Toyota or Honda and open their minds to Chevy, a brand they may have ignored for a generation.

Find New Roads implies a never say die attitude.

Both functionally and emotionally there seems to be a lot of richness in these simple words. 

How successful this theme is will only be known over time. 

Taglines are only as good as the context in which they are presented. If the product is great, the TV spots are great, the print ads are great, then Find New Roads will join See the USA, Baseball Hot Dogs, Apple Pie and Chevrolet, and The Heartbeat of America in the pantheon of the brand's communications all-stars. 

If not, in a few years the agency will be back at the drawing board.

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