Thursday, February 7, 2013

Playtex taps a new market

Positioning is an interesting thing. It can create new markets and brands without actually changing the product. If you doubt it, just  look at what's happened recently to the product form once only known as baby wipes.

We've used them for years in our nurseries while changing our kids' diapers, but move the tub to the bathroom, rebrand it "Cottonelle Fresh Care," slap a new label on the package and voila! with very little alteration of the product itself you have "moist toilet paper wipes." More importantly, you have $150 million in annual incremental sales.

Well Playtex has taken this a step further, finding another occasion that a wipe may be in order...

That's right, according to their website, Fresh + Sexy wipes are "specifically designed for use before and after sexual activity."

And yes, they are unisex.

Are these right for everyone? No.

Is everyone enamored with the marketing? Just read some of the comments on their Facebook page.

Are they selling more disposable paper at a premium thanks to this sly bit of repositioning? Yes.

And, that's the point.

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