Friday, April 19, 2013

Really beautiful advertising

Dove doesn't just sell soap.

What Dove sells is a range of products that give women confidence to know they will look their best and that their best is plenty good enough.

For years Dove has been selling soap by demonstrating the features that make it better for your skin. With introduction of the "Campaign for Real Beauty" years ago, they laddered those features to a higher order benefit that has incredible power and meaning. The genius in the campaign is not that they are telling you that Dove will make you more beautiful as most products in this category do. 

They are saying you are beautiful and Dove will help you find the beauty others see in you.

That's why this video has over eight million YouTube views in five days. That's why it's being posted over and over again on Facebook.

That's why advertising works best when it pairs an honest emotional insight with functional reason to believe.

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