Friday, May 10, 2013

An old flame rekindled

Desire is a funny thing.

We often can't pinpoint when it begins. Yet I can still picture the exact moment I was love-struck by Jaguar. It happened when I came across a British Racing Green E-Type in the paddock of an SCCA Trans Am race at Road America in the early seventies.

I still want one.

Does that make me the perfect target for the new Jaguar F-Type?

Who knows? But after seeing this spot, I wouldn't mind taking one for a test drive to see if I could fall in love all over again.



  1. I saw this car during press day at the Denver auto show. It was as beautiful in person as it is in this well-produced commercial. I could certainly be in love with this car!

    1. I wonder if I can score a press car for the vintage weekend at Road America this year? It'd be a good story.

  2. Harvey. You better call if you do! :-)