Thursday, May 2, 2013

Why I hate advertising

There are reasons most copywriters have half-written novels or screenplays in their desk drawers, and art directors are always leaving agencies to become film directors. Advertising can be an ugly and infuriating business.

Like any job most days are okay, some days spectacular (see yesterday's post) and then there are days when crap like this happens.
  1. After approving all the creative work, pr and media placements; the client fires you, claiming breach of contract and tries to stick you with over a million dollars in bills to the media and other vendors.
  2. You're on the set waiting for a "famous" actor to show up. When his limo finally arrives there are two hookers with him in the back seat and he says he won't go on camera until we pay them.
  3. You find out some trusted ex-employees are contacting your clients trying to woo them to their agency.
  4. In the middle of presenting a new campaign, the client takes off her glasses, buries her head in her hands and says, "you guys just don't get it, do you?"
  5. You've just shot two days on the stage in L.A., have wrapped and are heading to a location in New Mexico when the client calls and says, "We're not making the cars in those colors anymore."
  6. You show up at a trade show to meet with a prospect only to find out his brand name has been misspelled on the credentials packet you sent him.
  7. Your two biggest clients are bought by other companies within the space of 18 months.
  8. You lose a pitch only to see the spot you presented on the air six months later.
  9. A great copywriter, who's currently working on a very important campaign, walks into your office and says she's leaving to go to Leo Burnett... tomorrow.
  10. You realize some creative director in New York gets paid half a million dollars a year while approving spots like this...

It's a great business.

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