Thursday, June 13, 2013

Myspace isn't for me

Myspace is spending $20 million to send out invitations to its coming out party, and clearly I'm not invited.

Myspace – remember them? – the original social network that lost the race to Facebook and then was totally mismanaged by Murdock's media empire, is relaunching as a hipper, cooler place to be.

I'm just not sure what the new, Justin Timberlake owned, Myspace is. Is it a social network? Is it an entertainment portal? Is it a dating site? Maybe the people they're targeting know. Or better yet, maybe those very people will help define it and make it what it needs to be.

I know one thing Myspace isn't based on this spot: a place for geezers like me.

And that's probably smart seeing as my generation has taken Facebook away from the college kids who started it. There might just be a need for a place where a younger generation can hang out with friends away from the watchful eye of their parents.

When I was a kid our spot was the high school track on a Friday night. We'd meet there, talk about school, life, the future and maybe even enjoy an illicitly procured adult beverage or two.

Kids have always needed that place to separate from their parents; something that's become harder and harder to do in a land of smartphones, GPS tracking and helicopter parenting. If Myspace fills that niche, they may just become a relevant platform again.

Me, I'd still prefer hanging out with friends at the track, but I'm old-school like that.

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