Monday, February 24, 2014

Got milk? Not anymore.

Okay, I don't want to come across as one of those old farts who decries every change, so I'll state for the record that I believe as good as it has been, after 20 years the "Got Milk" campaign has become stale and invisible.

It was definitely time for a new campaign – or at least a major overhaul based on a new strategy to help make milk more relevant among a population that has more beverage choices and more information about the choices they're making.

I'm not sure, however, this is the campaign that will make us all suddenly rush to the store and start buying gallon after gallon of the white stuff.

This campaign doesn't tell me anything new or make me feel anything I haven't already felt about the product. Protein, vitamin D, calcium; yep milk is full of good stuff. We know that.

Like the guy who replaces the John Elway or Peyton Manning, this campaign has a very high bar to live up to.

It doesn't.

If you want to replace a legend you have to be more than ordinary – and this campaign with its focus on functional benefits paired with trite imagery and a visual gimmick – is just that.

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