Monday, January 11, 2010

Desperate Times in Auburn Hills

Just when I thought things at Chrysler couldn't get any worse, they do this. With no real news to announce at this week's Detroit Auto Show, they've decided create some by putting lipstick on a couple of their less desirable pigs.

To commemorate 10 years of that automotive abomination, the PT Cruiser, they add a bad paint job, slap on a little chrome and voila, we have the "Couture Edition." I'm not sure what's couture about putting two-tone paint on a car that rivals the AMC Gremlin for the title of ugliest automobile ever, but I don't think this will be gracing the runways of any of the fashion houses anytime soon.

And because one bad idea clearly just isn't enough, they will also unveil the Dodge Nitro Detonator. Detonator? I get it. But I'm not sure anyone wants to strap themselves into a vehicle whose name suggests a fiery explosion. A couple of stripes on the hood and a body color grille will not overcome the stupidity of that decision.

I know there's a lot of pressure for car companies to unveil cool new stuff at the auto show, but if you don't have the goods, don't try to fake it. Lay low for a year, get your act together and come out swinging when you really have something. Otherwise, it's likely to blow up in your face.

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