Monday, February 22, 2010

The power of a moment

Thirty years ago today, I was a 20 year-old college sophomore wondering what kind of future we were heading into. The economy was in shambles. Gas prices were at historic levels. The government had just bailed out Chrysler. Iran was holding 44 Americans hostage. And the Soviet Union had just invaded Afghanistan. It didn't seem like a good time to be moving toward adulthood.

Then, I sat down to watch a hockey game in the common room of South Quad on the University of Michigan campus, and two hours later the world had changed.

No, the hostages weren't released and the Soviets didn't give up in Afghanistan (not until 1988 anyway). But there was proof that if a group of people came together with a goal, excellent leadership, and a common will, anything could happen.

So even now, when the economy is in shambles, gas prices are near $3/gallon, the government bailed out Chrysler again, Iran is attempting to hold us hostage with its nuclear program, and we are fighting in Afghanistan, I still choose to believe that we can create a greater future for ourselves.

Thanks to Herb Brooks, Mark Johnson, Mike Eruzione, Jim Craig, Ken Morrow, Mike Ramsey, Dave Silk, Bill Baker, Neal Broten, Dave Christian, Steve Christoff, John Harrington, Steve Janaszak, Rob McClanahan, Jack O'Callahan, Mark Pavelich, Buzz Schneider, Eric Strobel, Bob Suter, Phil Verchota, and Mark Wells for reminding us that miracles do happen if we prepare for them.

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