Wednesday, February 17, 2010

You might be wrong.

You never know. In fact, in most cases you can't know until you do something.

Some of the most successful marketing and new product ideas could have been killed for one logical reason or another.

Apple's board of directors thought Steve Jobs was wrong in 1984 and tried to kill the most successful commercial of all time. After all, it only mentioned the brand name once and didn't even show the product.

Focus groups hated Absolut Vodka's bottle design because it didn't conform to the norms of the category, yet six years after its introduction, Absolut became the best-selling imported vodka.

At one point, Fred Smith couldn't find anyone to invest in his new delivery company, Federal Express, so he went to Vegas and won the $27,000 he needed to keep the company afloat.

So while all the people who know better are telling you, "you might be wrong." Just remember this: they might not be right.


  1. I like to read your blog.Be proud,I`m from Romania(a country in the South-East of Central Europe) .See how far had reached your ideas?:)
    Good luck! Andreea

  2. The last sentence says it all. For those of us who are entrepreneurial by nature it's rings 100% true!

  3. Thanks Andreea. I'm glad you find my ideas worthy of your time. And believe it or not, I can find Romania on a map!