Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Great insights drive great advertising

It's the hottest spot on TV. Everyone seems to be writing and talking about it. And not just in advertising columns. Last week, I heard the phrase "I'm on a horse" used on the ESPN program PTI. And just yesterday Rainn Wilson tweeted "Will someone please give that Old Spice "I'm on a horse!" guy his own TV show? Dude is brilliant."

Great writing, great acting, great production (the spot is all one take and the only CGI work is the bottle/diamonds effect at the end). It turns out all this buzz was started by a simple insight uncovered by researchers doing a little dirty work. 

According to Barbara Lippert in Adweek, "The backstory for the category is that men who move away from bar soap to body wash do so mostly by trying out their girlfriend's stuff in the shower. Hence the dude-smells-like-a-lady theme resonates for both guys and girls."

That's some mighty fine digging for a fresh insight into the category. And without it, the creative team might not have arrived at such a cool solution.

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