Monday, March 1, 2010

And the gold goes to...

At the Olympics, the competition was not only on the slopes, the rink, the half pipe and the track. It was also on television among the Olympic advertisers. Unlike the Super Bowl where the competition is a sprint, Olympic advertising takes place over weeks so the advertising has a chance to grow, or grate, on you. This year, the winner was...

P&G took a universal insight – your children are always your kids no matter how old they are – and wove it into a campaign that started strong out of the gate. The campaign is also supported by the microsite,, where you can see videos from Olympic moms, send a thank you note to your mom, and yes, this is about selling products after all, participate in a promotion for a $100 coupon book for P&G products.

More than the typical brand campaign, there are also really sharp :15 second product spots that you can see on the microsite. But what I really liked was this spot that they cut together to run during the last couple of days with footage of Olympic moms at the games.

As many commercials as NBC ran during the games, it was nice to have a few that were actually worth watching.

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