Wednesday, August 25, 2010

The perfect car

It's time to shop for a new car. For the next few weeks I'm chronicling my search, reviewing the process, the products, the marketing, the sales experience and the transaction.

Day 13: The most rational car in the world

The Subaru Outback has long been a favorite of snow country residents, outdoor lovers and people who see themselves as adventurous. From the bulletproof boxer engine, to its full-time all wheel drive, the ample cargo room, comfortable ride and a $27,000 price tag, this car makes so much sense for me.

Which only goes to show that car buying has nothing to do with rational decision making.

I admire this car. I like this car. I actually want this car. It will do everything I need it to do. I'd never have to worry about foul weather. It's reasonably efficient and unlike other Japanese cars, it actually has an intrinsic personality. There's no reason I shouldn't buy this car. Yet, if I were to pick today between this and the smaller, more expensive, front-wheel drive Jetta SportWagen, I'd pick the VW.

Am I mad? Possibly. We'll find out soon.

I just heard from the Saab dealer that the new 9-5 should be in soon, so I'll drive that, the Mini and the Fusion Sport in the next couple of days. Then, decision time.


  1. you already know we love our Subaru, so i will just add that it's got a surprisingly peppy engine (we've got the station wagon, but you might want to try the WRX, which gives you a lot more road-feel) and a kick-ass harmon/kardon speaker system. yum. if you do buy one, could you ring up their ad shop and tell them to stop the thing with the floating letters, and also that someone's already done the little-kid-who-wants-to-drive-morphing-into-big-kid schtick? kthxbai!! [enjoying this process, by the way.]

  2. Be sure to test drive the TDI version of the VW SportWagen. It's surprisingly peppy and a lot more fun to drive than the stock version.