Tuesday, September 7, 2010

A challenger pot pie

Want to communicate a sense of old-world, hand-made quality with your brand? It's easy.
  1. Use unbleached paper for your packaging.
  2. Pick an old typeface like Antique Caslon.
  3. Give yourself a homey name.
  4. Make sure people know the story behind your product.
And what's that kind of marketing worth? Well, if Twin Hens Chicken Pot Pies are any indication, you can charge up to 7 times more than the bargain brands in your category.

Available at upscale grocery stores like Whole Foods, the pies are made with antibiotic-free chicken, wheat flour, milk, butter, organic vegetables, sea salt, baking power, black pepper and thyme and sell for $6.99.

Banquet frozen pot pies are available everywhere. They're made with ingredients like hydrolyzed soy protein, chicken powder and sodium stearoyl lactylate and sell for a buck.

If you want to win big in your category, figure out what the big guys are doing, do the opposite, and let people know why.

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