Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Union Made

It's been interesting watching the activities in Madison for the past week from the conservative stronghold that is Sheboygan.

The state employee unions face a delicate balance in standing up for their collective bargaining rights while not seeming insensitive to private sector workers who have also suffered over the last few years. And I found that to be an interesting challenge.

What would I do if I were marketing for the unions?

Make it personal.

It's easy to vilify a union. It's hard to vilify a grandmother or a hero of 9/11.

The hyperbolic statements of America's favorite commentators made headline writing easy.

Thanks to Madison photographer, Terry Talbot for allowing me to use a few of the hundreds of images he's captured of the protests. You can see more of his work at www.talbotphoto.com. The names in the copy are invented for demonstration purposes only. 


  1. Nicely done. There's a bit of the "you can't judge a book by it's cover" in looking at both sides of this debate.

    While I don't agree with shirking responsibilities (teaching and governing) - I also recognize the sum of the "collective" whole is made up of a wide range of individuals. All individuals should be treated respectfully regardless of their collective affiliations.

  2. Thanks Rick. It was just a thought that came to me the other night and gave me a chance to flex my ad muscle a bit. It's a complicated debate, a lot of wrong on both sides. But at least for the most part it's civil and sooner or later they'll work it out... or not and we'll move on.