Wednesday, April 6, 2011

If it talks like a duck

Aflac should thank Gilbert Gottfried for being an insensitive jerk.

Due to his tasteless twitter posts about the Japanese earthquake and subsequent tsunami, Aflac was forced to fire him (75% of Aflac's business is in Japan) and begin looking for a new voice for the Aflac duck.

Being the smart marketers they are, rather than just hire a talented, veteran voice actor and move on, Aflac decided to hold open auditions. The result has been a wealth of free media that would make even Lindsay Lohan jealous.

CBS, CNN, and just about every major broadcast news outlet has covered the story. It's in the New York Times today and been featured in newspapers and websites across the country. And based on the hundreds of videos posted on Youtube, you'd think this nation has gone Aflac crazy.

While there is such a thing as bad publicity (Charlie Sheen) Aflac proves that you can turn bad publicity into good fortune if you know what you're doing.

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