Thursday, April 7, 2011

Out there up there

From the "be remarkable" file.

You're a small airline from a small country flying into major markets like San Francisco and Los Angeles and competing with industry behemoths including United, Delta, British Air and JAL. How do you get noticed?

What Air New Zealand did was take the most boring, repetitive, and unmemorable part of the flying experience and hired Richard Simmons to make it interesting.

Being different has its benefits. In the week and a half since this video appeared onboard and on Youtube, nearly two million people have viewed it. And this isn't a one off.

Air New Zealand has a history of creating videos that stand out from the typical smiling airline personnel videos. Recent efforts have featured a muppet named Rico rapping with Snoop Dogg to demonstrate the easy connections between New Zealand and Los Angeles, and an older flight safety video where employees are wearing nothing but body paint.

It just goes to show what can happen when you're not afraid to be different.

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