Wednesday, May 11, 2011

One step closer to the future

On Saturday, Yves Rossy quietly ushered in a new era of flight when he flew over the Grand Canyon in his custom-built jet suit.

With kevlar wings providing lift and four small jets powering him forward after he was dropped from a helicopter, Mr. Rossy flew for more than 8 minutes at speeds of up to 190 mph through the canyon.


A few of things I like about this event.

First, it's a freakin' jet pack.

Second, while they're getting their fair share of publicity, this was a pretty low key event. According to this account, they flew when the time was right, not when the media was assembled.

Imagine if this had been sponsored by Mountain Dew, Red Bull or some other 'high energy' brand. This was more about the act and the invention than the marketing (though I'm sure Breitling feels they're getting their money's worth)

And third, the FAA actually worked with the team to facilitate the necessary permits at the last minute to make this happen. How often have we seen the words Federal Agency and cooperation used in the same sentence lately?

Nicely done, Yves. When can I get mine?

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