Wednesday, June 22, 2011

I guess giving away product is hard

This has been happening way too often lately.

Last week in response to CP+B's Whopper Lust promotion for Burger King, I said "Any moron can give away free product."

Apparently, I was wrong.

Back in February, Taco Bell offered to giveaway up to 10 million tacos to its 6 million Facebook fans. Anyone who "Liked" Taco Bell on Facebook had access to an online coupon they could print out and bring to a store for a free taco. Sweet.

And how many people took them up on their generous offer?

Just a little under 200,000.

In case you're wondering. That's not a good response rate. So bad in fact that one Taco Bell executive is quoted as saying, "We haven't even been able to give away the food, never mind figure out how to sell it online."

Yes, the lack of success in this simple promotion makes you question the value of a fan on Facebook. But my question is, what does it say about your product when you can't even give it away to people who like you?


  1. so what is your take on this and where do you think the value lies to a companys online social networking strategy in the future. TB

  2. I think social networking is a necessary component of the communications plan. But I see so many companies whose sole focus is accumulating fans and followers and not trying to figure out what they're going to do with them. Too much content still feels like marketing. It's a big shift, but somehow it needs to feel more personal, more genuine, and more honest. I don't know if a lot of companies are capable of going there.