Thursday, June 2, 2011

So I was wrong

Apparently the folks at Microsoft are smarter than I am.

After ranting that I thought they were missing a significant portion of the market by developing marketing focused only on PCs, they go and to this...

Yesterday they previewed a few features of what they're currently calling Windows 8 blowing my argument out of the water.

It appears to be a pretty slick OS that's capable of running on either a keyboard and mouse or touchscreen PC as well as a tablet. The obvious advantage of this is that it should make moving and using documents, files, images and other resources from device to device easy and seamless.

Microsoft's designers have done a good job of taking what people like about app-based interfaces and improved upon them. The tile design system (inspired by their Windows mobile design) lets you preview information on the start screen and allows you to customize the number and size of the apps on the screen.

Obviously it runs all the Office applications and is designed to take advantage of the upgraded features in Internet Explorer 10.

The one problem? There's no launch date yet. Right now Microsoft is only saying Windows 8 will be released sometime in 2012. That's an eternity in technology time and what looks cool and new now, might just be old news by the time it hits the market (can you say Chevy Volt?). 

Lets just hope we won't be bored of it by the time it's ready.

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