Monday, June 6, 2011

Crazy fast

A lousy cell phone pic
of the new EBR 1190RS
Erik Buell isn't about to slow down.

After having his original eponymous motorcycle company shuttered by Harley back in October of 2009, he assembled a band of true believers and launched his next venture, Erik Buell Racing with a single focus: to produce the ultimate American superbike. In just a little over a year, he seems to be well on the road to success.

I met Erik Buell this past weekend at Road America where his lone entry was holding its own against multi-bike teams backed by some of the biggest names in the motorcycle industry, earning a top 10 finish in just its fourth race.

As much as I enjoyed seeing his motorcycle go fast around the best road course in North America, I was even more interested to discover the new EBR 1190RS street bike on display in all its carbon fiber glory in the EBR paddock area.

Buell could have given up when he lost the support of Harley. Instead he took advantage of his newfound freedom to do something his old bosses would never allow him to: create legitimate alternative to the Ducati 1098R. This two-wheeled masterpiece is a testament to what one man can achieve when he has a rare combination of vision, passion, expertise and insanity.

And while I'll probably never get the opportunity to ride, much less own, this $40,000 beast, I'm glad Erik Buell is here to remind us all that nobody can kill a dream if you're not ready to stop dreaming.

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