Thursday, September 8, 2011

Flying blind online

I know that several University of Wisconsin alumni have done very well for themselves. But honestly a college newspaper's website seems like an odd place to advertise corporate air travel.

Now, I may be wrong about the readership of the Badger-Herald online, but I know that I'm not going to be spending this kind of money on a plane trip any time soon. So however they're doing their tracking, something is seriously wrong.

If they're really interested in reaching people who can drop $3,400 an hour on air travel, I'd recommend my friend Christopher Parr's new site, Pursuitist.


  1. It's only a mid-sized jet. Nothing too showy. And no problem for the "coasties" - the UW undergrads from CT, NJ & MA.

  2. As my friend and media expert Bill Harmon points out, this ad may be behaviorally targeted... at me! Which makes it even funnier since I take about 3 commercial trips a year. Gotta love the 'science' of advertising.