Monday, April 23, 2012

Bad ads start out as bad concepts

I was just about finished with a review of the awful new Geico "Taste Test" campaign, when I realized that writing a scathing but hilarious critique wasn't going to help anyone.

We can all see how bad the campaign is.

We all know why it's bad.

The important thing is to learn how not to make something that bad for your brand.

So as a public service I offer the following to ad managers and marketing directors everywhere.

If you hear three or more of the following phrases in the presentation of a new campaign, tell your agency to go back and try again.
  1. Have you ever seen (insert movie title, tv show, video game, commercial here)?
  2. Everybody knows our brand promise. We don't have to hit them over the head.
  3. You have to cut through the clutter.
  4. It doesn't matter what people are saying. As long they are talking about the advertising, it's doing its job.
  5. You are not the target. It is not important whether you like it or not.
  6. This has viral hit written all over it.
  7. Our target is media savvy and understands the subtleties of brand communications.
  8. Advertising isn't about selling, it's about creating (awareness, preference, buzz, etc.)
  9. It'll be funny. We'll get the Farrelly brothers to direct it.
  10. Trust us.
I hope this helps prevent you from making the same mistake the folks at Geico did.

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