Friday, April 20, 2012

Friday ramble

A few random thoughts on a cool, rainy Friday morning.

Why does the Food Network have so many ads for bad food on it? Last night alone I saw ads for candy bars, flavorless microwave meals and fast food restaurants. Apparently people who watch Food Network cook as often as people who watch porn have sex.

So VW/Audi bought Ducati for $1.12 billion, just a few dollars more than Facebook paid for Instagram. In both cases the amounts were described as pocket change. I have to get pockets that big.

Why did the NFL start its own network when ESPN seems to cover every little detail of the league 24/7/365? Who's ready to watch the NFL draft next week in prime time?

In an effort to increase his engagement with fans, LeBron James just hired SapientNitro to handle his website and social media presence. Now the only thing bigger than his ego is his ad budget.

Hulu is adding four original programs to its line up. Apparently, we don't have enough to watch between all the channels on our cable, satellite, Youtube, Netflix and more. Time to update your song, Bruce.


  1. thanks for making me laugh out loud. you're the best.

  2. That's what I'm here for. Thanks.