Thursday, August 2, 2012

Nike still rules

This is why Nike is still the best advertiser on television.

Contrary to most what most people think, Nike is not an official Olympic Games sponsor. They don't have signage all over London. They don't have the rings splattered across their ads. Yet they have captured the spirit of the games better than any other marketer and have done the hard work of transferring that meaning to their product.

We sit on the couch watching the Olympics and see people do extraordinary things. We say "Wow, that's amazing. I could never to that."

And then Nike says this.

How can we not get off the couch and call a buddy for a long overdue game of tennis? How can we not put air in the tires of our bicycle and go for a ride? How can we not strap on our underused running shoes and hit the pavement?

Nike knows that while their advertising has been built on superstars, it's really about you. And kids like Nathan.

Give them the Gold for advertising.

1 comment:

  1. The only guys I know who come close to capturing Nike's vibe is Oakley, but they aren't really playing on the same level.