Friday, May 31, 2013

Great campaigns are about more than just ads

You've probably seen the Farmers Insurance ads on TV. It's one of the better campaigns in the category, combining a great brand mnemonic with relevant humor and what I call a "that guy" strategy – commercials featuring that guy you recognize, but couldn't recall his name if your life depended on it – to create a disruptive, memorable and effective presence amid the clutter that is television advertising.

What I love about the campaign, however, is not just how good the TV spots are, but how watchable the long form videos they've created are.

If you have two and a half minutes, watch this.

While most videos of this ilk are dry and technical, Farmers' agency has created an informational video that fits the style of the campaign without using professional on-camera talent. It almost makes me want to watch more of them.

A crowning achievement for an insurance informercial.

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