Thursday, May 30, 2013

Kmart steps on the gas

In a previous post, I wondered if Kmart's successful "Ship My Pants" ad was a campaignable idea or just another marketing one-hit wonder.

Well, they're two for two, and I actually like this execution better than their first.

"Big gas savings" works better for me because the promotion is more relevant. Gas is something you buy almost every week so providing a discount on this is a lot more compelling than free shipping for items not available in store.

Now the only question becomes do they do a furniture spot featuring a large convertible couch with the phrase, "that sofa king's awesome."


  1. I think Kmart has totally hit it out of the park with this series! I am wondering if the first spot increased their online sales significantly? If there was a Kmart anywhere in my area I might consider swinging by for gas...

  2. That is funny! Thank you for sharing this with the no TV crowd!