Friday, June 21, 2013

Promotions should build brands

Because I own a Samsung Galaxy S3, on Monday I can download an app from the Google Play Store that will allow me to download Jay Z's new album for free three days before it will be available to the general public.

I'm sure this promotion will matter enough to some people to tip the scales in Samsung's favor if they're shopping for a new phone right now. It might also create enough goodwill with current owners to factor into their decision to choose another Samsung phone when their contract runs out and it's time to upgrade.

But as big as Jay-Z is, he doesn't appeal to everybody.

So the question becomes; for those who don't own a Samsung phone, or do and won't download Magna Carta Holy Grail, does this promotion still build the brand?

It's generated a lot of online "buzz" and PR in newspapers, TV and radio across the country. And clearly this promotion has me writing about a brand that I wouldn't otherwise, so that boost in awareness counts for something. Based on these results alone, they've probably already gotten their money's worth.

But after the excitement is over, then what?

Does aligning their brand with Jay-Z make Samsung more relevant? And does it help differentiate the brand from others?

That's the difference between a good promotion and a great one.

If Samsung can answer yes to those two questions, then it's really money well spent.

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