Monday, December 21, 2009

Saab Story

Once upon a time there was a quirky little car with its ignition key mounted in the floor between the driver’s and passenger’s seat. It was better than just about any other car in snow, because back then so few cars had front-wheel drive. And it got great gas mileage, but few people cared because gas was just 50 cents a gallon. The Saab 96 wasn’t the prettiest car in the world, but it was one of the safest. There were just enough people who thought it was beautiful and loved this car with a passion. They even loved its successors the 99 and 900. But then changes began to occur and the new Saabs got larger and more like other cars. Until finally a big giant ogre decided they needed an SUV to compete. They took an SUV other brands were using and put the Saab name on it. In just a few short years after that, what people knew of Saab was gone, because it was just like everyone else.

And when the clock strikes midnight tonight, unless a knight in shining armor can convince the ogre to set Saab free, it will cease to exist.

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