Monday, January 18, 2010

Charging Into The Abyss

Maybe you heard the news last Thursday that Chrysler will make its return to the Super Bowl this year, making it the only domestic auto company to advertise in the big game. It's a bold move. Especially since their ad will feature the Dodge Charger, a five-year-old muscle car that's completely out of step with current automotive trends.

What the hell are they thinking?

The Super Bowl is an incredible advertising venue. With over 100 million viewers, it's the one true major event left on television. And even better, it's probably the only show where people actually look forward to watching the ads. It's the perfect place to launch a campaign when you have something important to say and a way to follow it up throughout the year.

So what does Chrysler do?  Spend nearly six million dollars featuring a product with dated styling, lousy fuel economy, and that sold just 54,000 units last year. Is this really the statement they want to make right now? Really?

It's been said that nothing can kill a bad product faster than great advertising. Given their agency, Wieden & Kennedy has a track record of producing excellent Super Bowl ads, then Chrysler is speeding its own demise by pursuing this strategy.


  1. At some point, ripping on Chrysler is like shooting fish in a barrel. Easy, but entertaining none the less get to shoot stuff.

  2. Smells like desperation on Chrysler's part. Breaks my heart. In the 60's I used to wonder "What the Hell is American Motors thinking!" The last few years I've been wondering the same thing about Chrysler. Hell, the last ten years. (except the Viper of course)