Thursday, February 4, 2010

All Eyes Are On Us. Well Almost All...

If projections are true, about 103 million people will be watching the Super Bowl on Sunday. That's one-third of the U.S. Population. They'll watch what we hope will be a good game between two compelling teams. And thanks to Apple, the brand that started this whole Super Bowl advertising extravaganza in 1984, they'll be closely watching the commercials.

This year will bring the usual assortment of sophomoric humor, ironic celebrity cameos, and talking animals. Actually, outside of GoDaddy and a few others, it doesn't look like a bad year for spots based on the previews, but I keep wondering: with one-third of the people in this country watching, is it really enough to show another poor schlub being hit in the groin? Can advertising be more? Can advertising do more?

Maybe not. But it's worth thinking about.

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