Thursday, February 11, 2010

Chevrolet's Big Moment

If I hadn't checked my calendar, I would have sworn this was 1999. Here I was at the Chicago Auto Show Media Preview watching Chevy unveil two "new" vehicles, the 75th Anniversary Suburban and the Silverado HD pickup.

Now to be fair, they did have the Volt, Cruze and new Aveo concept on the floor, and these two trucks do represent important profit segments for General Motors. But to make these the focal point of their presentation to the media at the largest consumer auto show in the country seems a little odd. Especially when gas prices are climbing again and everyone else is talking green, electric, hybrid, etc.

These are both excellent vehicles that perform their intended tasks as well or better than any of the others in their segments. They're just not the way forward for Chevrolet. They're not the vehicles that will lead them back to being America's favorite brand of cars and trucks. And they're not what the media wants to talk about.

Every brand needs to be different and relevant to survive. By choosing to feature two gas-guzzling trucks, Chevrolet definitely was different. I'm just not sure they were very relevant.

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