Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Super Bowl Marketing: The Ultimate Measure

One last post, then I'll put the Super Bowl behind us for another year.

There are a lot of ways people are measuring the effectiveness of the Super Bowl ads: people meters, number of brand mentions in tweets, web traffic, expert panels, etc. But in reality, there's only one measure that truly matters: sales.

In most cases, it takes a while to judge the effectiveness of presenting your brand to the largest television audience in history. But today there is one success story, The Who. Yesterday, their Greatest Hits album was #6 selling album on iTunes. Which proves that even a mediocre presentation of a great product can positively impact sales.

So, while Snickers crows about being the top-rated commercial on the Super Bowl and all of us so-called experts tell you which we think were the best, lets wait to see what impact their campaigns have on sales before we judge their true effectiveness.

Because no matter how funny the joke, how artful the film, how cool the concept, if it doesn't sell, it ain't good advertising.


  1. Your last sentence out to be graffiti'd on every marketers wall.

  2. Sorry - meant "ought." Damn fingers.