Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Toyota Dealers Take A Wrong Turn

Want to look petty, uncooperative, unsympathetic and downright stupid in the face of a crisis? Then do what the Southeastern Toyota dealers did yesterday.

In a reaction to what Toyota dealers feel are excessive negative news stories about the ongoing product problems and subsequent recalls, they have pulled their advertising from ABC affiliates in their area. I have two words for them: not smart.

If the dealers feel the coverage is false or unfair they should take ABC to court or file a grievance with the FCC and run ads that tell their side of the story.

Pulling their ads will have no positive effect on the coverage of the story by ABC. No matter how much the sales departments of those individual affiliates want the money, ABC News cannot back down on the story. Corporate blackmail has never been a very smart strategy with the news media. But then again no one ever accused car dealers of being smart or ethical.


  1. I agree, what an absurd reaction to the circumstances. I do think that the media coverage has been a bit over the top but if they want to be angry at someone, it seems to me they should be taking Toyota management to task for their handling of the crisis.

    Cameron McNaughton
    McNaughton Automotive Perspectives

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