Tuesday, February 8, 2011

The Groupon Controversy

I am one of the many who thought the Groupon ad making fun of Tibet was not a very smart move.

Groupon is doing their best to spin this fiasco. They've been talking ad nauseam about the fact that if you go to the site you can donate to great causes. Hmmm, you think they might have wanted to mention that in say... THEIR ADVERTISING!

And now the Chairman of MDC, parent company of Crispin & Porter, the perpetrators of this fiasco, is touting the fact that 50,000 people signed up for Groupon yesterday after the Super Bowl.

It's math time, kiddos.

50,000 is .00045% of the 111,000,000 who watched the game. That response rate is atrocious. It's worse than direct mail, worse than web banners, worse even than the dreaded telemarketing.

This "creative" was designed to generate controversy and stroke the egos of its originators. It was not, apparently, designed to drive sales.

If Groupon had just put up this...

... for 30 seconds, they would have received millions of subscribers. Yes, they would still be ridiculed for being boring and uncreative, but at least they'd have a significant number of new customers for the millions of dollars they were counseled to spend.

What they got instead were a handful of new customers and others like me who hit unsubscribe when the latest Groupon email arrived yesterday morning.

This ad wasn't just bad, it was advertising malpractice. The charlatans at Crispin should do the right thing and give Groupon their money back.

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